Jet Nozzles Series

Product NameJet Nozzles Series
MaterialPlastic,ABS,PVC or other material
ColorWhite or custom color
StandardChina standard
PackagingStandard packaging
  • COMBO-JET® Spray Tips – Wilger

    The Combo-Jet spray tip family can be visualized as a sliding scale of droplet size. As the series increase, the spray coming out of them gets (relatively) coarser. Also, it is worthwhile to mention that each series of drift reduction act as a secondary stage to reduce drift to levels that are tolerable for any application.

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  • Teejet Spray Parts, Nozzles, Flow Meters Valves

    Beyond this, the nozzles and tips come in a variety of materials. With the help of the tip selection calculator, you can make your nozzle tip selection with confidence. In addition to the many spray tips, TeeJet also provides flow meters, valves, tip strainers and nozzle bodies. Nozzle bodies come in single or multiple outlets

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  • Spray nozzles, air atomizers, industrial precision nozzles

    Flat Jet Arrow nozzles - High impact - UL series Flat Jet Compact Size nozzles - UL series Wide Angle Jet nozzles - UD series DAF nozzles Dissolved Air Flotation Water Curtains nozzles Hollow Cone nozzles Tangential spray nozzle - UT series Oil Burners Hydraulic Atomizers Hydraulic Atomizers Oil Burners nozzles Air Nozzles - CO2 Nozzles

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  • S-70 Series Nozzle | Strahman Valves

    The S-70 Series is constructed from stainless steel. To see this spray nozzle in bronze, please see our M-70 Series. Other available options adapter size and color (black, white and red). Please see the attached spec sheet for additional product specifications.

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  • WashJet flat spray nozzles | Spraying Systems Co.

    Material: 400 series stainless steel ; Refer to Catalog 75 or click below for more WashJet nozzle performance data. MEG nozzles (male): Flow rates below 1 gpm at 40 psi (3.8 lpm at 2.8 bar) More selected WashJet nozzles; MORE FLAT SPRAY NOZZLES. VeeJet ® Nozzles: Ideal for spray manifolds and headers

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  • Wilger – Focused on Spraying Performance

    In 1985, Wilger designed and began manufacturing a multi-spray head turret, followed shortly by the Radialock cap and the COMBO-JET all-in-one Spray Tip with snap-in strainer. Wilfred joined with Mark Bartel to establish the Combo-Jet drift reduction nozzles, and in the following years Wilger has continued to develop industry leading products

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  • Threaded and Standard Nozzles - Kennametal

    Standard and Threaded Nozzles for Downhole Drilling . Kennametal makes standard and threaded nozzles for use in roller cone and fixed cutter drill bits. Nozzles are available in a wide range of styles and size combinations for most downhole drilling applications.

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  • TE Series Handline Nozzle – MAFCO- Fire Fighting Equipment

    TE series nozzles can combine fog and smooth bore pattern at the same time, also suitable for many application. Japan Machino Diffuser Jet/Spray Nozzle. Instantaneous BS336 Diffuser Jet/Spray Nozzle. Storz Diffuser Jet/Spray Nozzle. Nakajima Diffuser Jet/Spray Nozzle. NH Diffuser Jet/Spray Nozzle.

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  • Spray Nozzle, Eductor, and Application Specialists|BEX

    Spray Nozzle, Eductor and Application Specialists. BEX has manufactured and sold spray nozzles and tank mixing eductors for over 50 years. Customers around the world rely on BEX for knowledgeable people, responsive delivery, consistent quality and flexible solutions. Products.

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  • Nozzles - Euspray

    Historically, one of the sectors where Euspray has developed its nozzles most often concerns washes, at low or high pressure, the main products, in the nozzle field, are those of flat jet, MC3 – MC2 – CD3 – CD4 – TC series. Models in the Eurospray range: Hollow cone nozzles: A1-A3

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  • SMART™ Series Jet Nozzle - Martin Eng

    The Martin ® SMART™ Series Jet Nozzle offers a simple yet innovative solution to the age old problem of labor intensive nozzle replacement.. Eliminate the time and cost of cutting holes and breaking refractory to replace worn out nozzles. Features and Benefits: Replacement is quick and easy

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  • Series 600.130.S2/56 | Lechler

    The multi-channel flat jet nozzles of the 600.130 series generate a continuous powerful air stream. The noise level and air consumption remain low even at higher air pressures. Since the nozzles are made completely of POM or natural PP, they are also suitable for applications in the food industry or electroplating sector.

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  • Tungsten Carbide Jet Nozzle – Series 45 | HDD Jet Nozzle

    Series 45 Carbide Nozzle Drawings and Dimensions General overall dimensions of a Series 45 Carbide jet nozzle. These dimensions can be used to determine the suitability of this nozzle for your application and or to confirm the series 45 is interchangeable with your current nozzle.

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  • 1.705 RAJ Series Flat Jet Nozzle-Roman Fountains

    The RAJ Series Flat Jet Nozzle produces a clear, fan-shaped sheet of water. This nozzle can be mounted in vertical and horizontal positions. The RAJ is recommended as an accent and perimeter/corner spray. It is a one-piece machined brass construction, natural finish with a (M) N.P.T. connection.

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  • M-Series Tank Cleaning Nozzle - Spray Nozzle Engineering

    The M-Series produces a superior cleaning action in a true 360 degree spray† when compared with similar cleaning devices. Customise your M-Series washer. To control flow, the M-Series tank cleaning nozzle uses a standard 10-slot flow director which is specially designed to provide superior tank cleaning results at reduced pressures and flows.

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  • FM and UL Approved Fire Suppression Nozzles | BETE N Series

    This BETE high-efficiency spiral was designed specifically with critical fire and explosion suppression applications in mind. These nozzles feature superior performance unequaled by traditional whirl nozzles. Superior Performance Characteristics. Sprays composed on droplets 30% to 50% smaller than conventional designs at equivalent pressures

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  • Spiral Spray Nozzles | BETE Pigtail and Spiral Nozzles

    Spiral spray nozzles have always been a speciality at BETE. If we don't have exactly the right product in stock, we can make it for you and ship to your door.

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  • VeeJet Flat Spray Nozzles | Spraying Systems Co.

    Widest Range of Spray Angles and Capacity Sizes - Fast Delivery VEEJET ® NOZZLES AT A GLANCE. Flat spray pattern ideal for use in spray headers or manifolds; Tapered-edge spray pattern to ensure even coverage when multiple nozzles are used in a series

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  • Propelling nozzle - Wikipedia

    A propelling nozzle is a nozzle that converts the internal energy of a working gas into propulsive force; it is the nozzle, which forms a jet, that separates a gas turbine, being gas generator, from a jet engine. Propelling nozzles accelerate the available gas to subsonic, transonic, or supersonic velocities depending on the power setting of

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  • Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles | Toro

    The lower flow rate of Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles maximizes design efficiency and saves on overall material costs by using fewer valves and less controller stations. In addition, the performance of existing systems with lower pressures can be upgraded with a simple retrofit of the pre-existing high flow nozzles.

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  • Smooth Jet Tapered Nozzle - SJN Series - Underwater Warehouse

    Smooth jet nozzles are most often used to create an arch of water towards the center of the fountain. Use in multiples to create spray rings, nozzles are adjustable up to 15 degrees

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